PDF App or eBook app aia file for Kodular – Paid

Written by AIAKART

Program Title: PDF Program or E Book Program

System: Kodular


  1. Create a program of ebooks or Documents or Notes
  2. Dynamic Classification include or eliminate the group
  3. Insert and Take Away Notes or Books Pdf at a class
  4. Attached to airtable
  5. Splash-screen
  6. Exhibits a variety of notes or books from the class
  7. Side-bar using House, Reveal this specific particular app, Speed us privacy, Contact Us along with Exit Button
  8. Pdf Open up in Google-Drive Download Solution
  9. Most Useful UI
  10. Evaluation advertisements

Note:  After payment is done, the download aia file page is visible then download Zip file from this page and Extract it. The Zip File has aia file, Apk and a txt file with airtable link and app setup instructions.


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