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Written by AIAKART

What is .aia file?

Source code file created and used by App Inventor, web program used by beginning developers to create applications for Android devices; contains the source code blocks of an application project in development.

App Inventor is a blocks-based programming tool that uses the source code in the AIA file to create applications. The AIA file is also used to export and import projects to and from a computer to the web program. You can share your project in an executable form, which is a the.APK file, instead of a source code form.

To export the AIA file, select “Projects” and choose an Export selected project (.aia) to my computer. To import the AIA file, select “Projects” and choose the Import project (.aia) from my computer… or from a repository…

How to edit this.Aia File?
  1. Import it in kodular
  2. Change the app Name, Icon & Package name
  3. Change the colors if you wish
  4. Create a Firebase project & change the URLs & API key in the aia
  5. Change the AdMob ad ids with yours


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